Who are we?

No, we aren't a dating website. Yes, we work with Sydney's hottest vendors to provide you with unforgettable date experiences.

At Urban Swan, we think it’s time to make every date an exciting experience. The kinds of dates that energise relationships and mediate meaningful connections. Whatever your passions, hobbies, or budget, we help you find the perfect date and that extra bit of spice in your love life.

As for our vision, we want dates to be more accessible, more frequent and above all, more fun. Our philosophy is that no two relationships are the same, so no two dates should be either. That’s why we’re reimagining the perfect date away from ‘gram-worthy outfits and boujie outings, towards the one thing that binds us all: fun. Plus, it’s no secret that experiential dates make for stronger relationships.  

Urban Swan is our way of delivering unique and exciting experiences that elevate your dates from otherwise ordinary outings. We believe that all relationships are worth celebrating with amazing experiences. That's why we provide dates for anyone and everyone. When you use Urban Swan as your date sommelier, we want you to feel free, understood and included.
Here, relationships of all types and dynamics can discover the perfect date tailored to individual preferences, interests, and identities.

Everyone is welcome here.